The loss of Rev. Dr. Holmes Williams

CITA RADIO 90.1 FM Remembers its founder,

Rev. Dr. Holmes Williams





One of Barbados and the Caribbean’s most prominent evangelists has died today at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH).

Founder and retired senior pastor of the People’s Cathedral Dr. Holmes Williams passed quietly and peacefully at 10:50 am surrounded by his close family his son Paul Williams said.

The well-known evangelist whoseChrist Is The Answerradio broadcast is a household name across the region was heard by thousands daily.  Head of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies (PAWI) Bishop Gerry Seale asked that all member churches of PAWI – including People’s Cathedral –pray for the family.

Since Dr. Williams started the church in 1960 in his living room, The People’s Cathedral has grown to approximately 4,500 baptized members. It is the largest evangelical church in the Eastern Caribbean and holds three services on Sunday to accommodate the growing congregation.  Born in Barbados, Dr. Williams was a gifted evangelist and had conducted many crusades in most of the English and French Caribbean islands, as well as North America, Europe, Asia and Africa, seeing thousands come to Christ. Final arrangements will be announced at a later date.

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