Ian Bourne

News Reports

Ian Bourne, a former Anchor on CBC TV8, felt more could be done with news from Barbados rather than the same old boring info that typical Barbadian press were told to relay via their advertisers or politicians they did not want to offend. Now BajanReporter.com caters to 14,300 Bajans a day and a global audience of 695,000 weekly!

When reading BajanReporter.com, you find not only memes, rugby updates and restaurant reviews unlike most Barbadian media houses, but articles from other islands like St Maarten, Grenada, Montserrat or Nevis.

His father was a radio announcer and his mother an art critic for the Nation until her death in 2012 – it is fairly obvious Ian is a second generation Media practitioner.

Working from home, the professional blogger surveys a domain with an energetic 7 year old step-grandson, three budgies and seven perpetually ravenous cats as he reminds everyone he’s the head of the house, he knows it’s true – his wife said so!